Absence & Presence


With modern technology closing physical distances in a digitally connected sphere, definitions of “Absence” and “Presence” are being re-constructed and re-considered as we communicate. As we try to understand the personal, national and global relations that are being shaped by these technological advancements, we are also seeking direction: how should technology shape our experience? How do we to let ourselves be connected? What opportunities does this connectivity have to offer us? How is the physical nature of communication affected by digital connectivity?

Artists worldwide have worked with these questions. Considering the artwork as ultimately being a communicative space, advancements in technology offer new tools to convey the artistic message. Also, digital connectivity offers new opportunities for creation and diffusion: worldwide, audiences shift to artists when they are actively present in the creation process, but digital connectivity also offers opportunities for ‘resurrecting’ images, texts and interpretations of artworks and experiencing them subjectively.

The project of “Absence and Presence” aims to map the tensions between presence and absence in art by applying this philosophical theme to the process of creation and meaning-making in the digital age. Rather than approaching Absence/Presence as a binary, this project approaches absence and presence as an experience and as a dynamic space of which the boundaries are being reworked as we participate and reflect on advancements in modern technology.


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