People forming their environment by play

People forming their environment by play

How play can be useful in cities.

I like to recommend a text of Michiel de Lange:

de Lange, Michiel. 2015. “The Playful City: Using Play and Games to Foster Citizen Participation.” In Social Technologies and Collective Intelligence, edited by Aelita Skaržauskienė, 426-434.

He is talking about smart cities. According to him smart cities are the cities that are people-centred. He explains how play can help to create this smart city. Play can simplify big urban problems. Through play people can engage with their environment. It promotes experiment, creativity and innovation.

Read this text to get grip on the usefulness of play in cities.
Interested in this subject? You can also read this text of Miguel Sicart:
Sicart, Miguel. 2016. “Play and the City.” Navigationen special issue” Playin’ the City: Artistic and Scientific Approaches to Playful Urban Arts” no. 16 (1): 25-40.
The site Pop-up city also gives attention to play and gamification in cities:
Play to keep the environment clean:
Slides in railway stations


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