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About the HKU-UU Research Exchange

The HKU-UU Research Exchange is set up between the Common Core Student Ambassadors from the University of Hong Kong and the Humanities Honours students from Utrecht University. Coming from very different disciplinary backgrounds, social and cultural backgrounds, students work together in small interdisciplinary and intercontinental groups (supervised by two professors). These small groups  organize a collaborative set of research events around an academic societal and cultural theme that concerns all of their interests and that they judge to be in the most pressing need of attention.

The students do the necessary preliminary research on both the specific problems (which they can initially collaborate upon virtually) and on the type of group formation that enables such partnerships to succeed; invite speakers or workshop leaders from academia, artists, policy-makers, NGO’s, or business; set up panels and working groups; create publicity and invitations; host and facilitate the events; and decide what types of artifacts and evidence they might produce as part of the assessment (including, potentially, reflective acticles, a series of research explorations, or a video). The research will pay attention to both traditional scholarly methods from various disciplines, as well as to the literacies of collaboration, technologies, and interfacing with the public.

The virtual collaboration between the two research groups will last for the second half of the academic year (from the beginning of February to the beginning of July). In addition to this virtual collaboration, Utrecht Students visit Hong Kong for a week in April and in June the Hong Kong students come to Utrecht for a week. During these two weeks (public) events, site visits, and other experiments that fit this particular collaboration (and the particular theme), will take place. Partners in Hong Kong are Hong Kong University, the Hong Kong University Museum, the Papay Gyro Nights International Art Festival and the Netherlands Consulate General in Hong Kong and Macau. Partners in Utrecht are Utrecht University and BAK-Basis voor Aktuele Kunst.

Dr Rick Dolphijn – prof. Gray Kochhar Lindgren


Un(fore)seen Cultures: speculations on minority politics, future societies and displacement

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